What is FLEX?

v. flexed, flex·ing, flex·es
1. To contract (a muscle, for example).
2. To move by muscular control.
3. To exhibit or show off the strength of.
4. To bend.

FLEX is a group of artists and curators who come together to produce a series of exciting temporary exhibitions. Focusing on projects that do not rely on a stationary base of operations, FLEX is able to adapt to different locations to engage a variety of audiences and contexts. FLEX's loose framework provides a platform for an ever changing cast of independent curators and artists to test the boundaries of visual expression and probe new ways of connecting with the viewer. As an open model, FLEX allows exhibitions to be dynamic and adapt to the spaces they inhabit. Mobile gallery spaces, outdoor projection units, site-specific installations, drawing machines, & 3D Printing are some of the tactics employed.

Where is FLEX?

The next FLEX will occur at:

1353 U Street NW, Suite #302
Washington, DC 20009
January 11 – February 1, 2014
opening reception on Saturday, January 11 from 7-9pm

Project 4 is pleased to host Play by Play, a pop-up FLEX focus collaboration organized by guest curator Kayleigh Bryant. This exploration of the darker side of children’s playtime features the work of Amy Hughes Braden, Bridget Sue Lambert, Janelle Whisenant, and Mark Williams. The sticky place between childhood innocence and adult realism is examined through different exercises in subverted play.

Who is FLEX?

Artists exhibited so far by FLEX:
Eames Armstrong
Colin Benjamin
Julie Benoit
Kristina Bilonick - DC CHEER
Amy Hughes Braden
Marley Dawson
Chas Foster
Victoria Greising
Joe Hale
Emily Hoxworth
Steven Jones
Katie Kehoe
Dan Kempner
Bridget Sue Lambert
Jon Malis
Matthew Mann
Bart O'Reilly
Dan Perkins
Natalia González Requena
Jassie Rios
Solange Roberdeau
Leo Sylvester
Camille Schefter
Timothy Thompson
Cal Victory
Janelle Whisenant
Mark Williams
Student work from The Corcoran College of Art & Design and St. Mary's College of Maryland

Organizers of FLEX include Calder Brannock, Kayleigh Bryant, Billy Friebele, Michael Dax Iacovone, and Jonathan Monaghan